Methods and tools


The methods of intervention with your participations

By respecting the rules of good governance:

  • Understand and analyze the Business Model,
  • go deeply in close contact with the managers to observe how it works, to understand its culture and management style, and to stimulate its vital forces
  • Exploit “basic” data by appropriate analytical means
  • Develop a comprehensive and synthetic vision of the situation and clearly characterize it
  • Propose action levers whose impact is strong and rapid, gathered in a timed progress plan, expressed in financial income and cash flow
  • To give a hand, as needed, to the implementation of the recommended plan of inprovement, relying on the internal teams
  • If necessary, take the lead during a turnaround, a recruitment
  • To transmit the methods and tools ensuring the durability of the results obtained

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An exemple of tool


The Performance Check-UpTM

This comprehensive and operational diagnosis is based on the information available in the company, the interview of key people and a detailed analysis of strategic data.

It provides: :

  • An objective inventory, with scoring, for each of the company’s main parameters
  • levers of Improvement for every finding
  • A detailed and timed action plan.

It is supported by data analysis tools developed to process the individual operations of the company (orders, sales, productions …) and thus offer a new scope of the levers of improvement.

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