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Fontenay is your outsourced Operating Partner, a specialist in growth and value creation for SMEs and mid-market companies

  • Laurent ESPIC
    For each of their interventions in our participations, they took charge of the subject very quickly, while using their data analysis tools to provide the manager with information that he did not have. The dialogue that followed was really constructive
    Laurent ESPIC
    Managing partner at Omnes Capital
  • Charles Bonnet
    In a company with a complex managerial situation, they were able to quickly give us a clear and precise vision of the financial and operational issues. We found the necessary arguments to mobilize the managers and support our request for strengthening management.
    Charles Bonnet
    Director at BNP Paribas Development
  • Jean-Marie Fournet
    Due to our growth of + 30% per year, we had to transform our sales organization. Fontenay, after a quick diagnosis, accompanied us to set up new tools, methods and trades to our full satisfaction.
    Jean-Marie Fournet
    President of Aegide-Domitys group


Operational Follow-up


We are your Operating Partner

Increasing the value of a company most often means transforming it or, at the very least, making it a decisive step in size and efficiency. The Operating Partner contributes by intervening at key stages.

Expert in management, the Operating Partner is the trusted contact point of both the investor and the manager. He helps to mature value creation projects, whose key success factors he can quickly identify. At the same time adviser and, if needed, project coordinator, he works alongside with the manager and under his authority.

By securing the operational side of an investment, the Operating Partner‘s action is in addition to that of the directors and shareholders, who can then devote more time to studying development scenarios, strategic investments, investment opportunities alliance, etc.

Fontenay, your Outsourced Operating Partner, is at request, assisted by a multidisciplinary and experienced team: 350 missions in 20 years

Our interventions

Our methods and tools

The tools and methods deployed over the years and based on our experience make it possible to :

  •  Provide the manager with the assistance he needs to successfully develop and transform his business,
  • Collect and use individual data to refine the strategy and optimize the performance of operation,
  • Improve the dialogue between management and its shareholders.

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